Tips for Successful Hospital and Nursing Home Transition

Transitioning back into the community from a Nursing Home or an Acute Care Facility (ie. Hospital) can be difficult. Listed below you will find helpful tips that you can take to make your Transition go as smoothly as possible.

Pre-Transition Tips

- Establish a support system (example: Hospital staff, Family member, Friend, Transition coordinator, Nurse Care Manager)

- Ask questions throughout the transition process. If you don’t understand- ask for clarification.

- Develop a realistic budget plan.

- When possible, interview assisted living staff and home care aides before being discharged from the Facility. Look for care providers that you feel comfortable with and who can provide that services that will fit your needs.

- Shop around for housing. Don’t settle for the first available housing option if you are not comfortable with it.

- Find out your discharge date. Many places cannot deliver furniture or medications to your new home until you are living in your new home. Know your discharge date so you can have everything scheduled for delivery the day of your move.

- Apply for local transportation services as soon as possible. Commonly Known as “Metro Access” or “Mobility Transit” each state is required to provide transportation services to people with disabilities.

- Collect and organize your important documents: birth certificate, social security card, state identification card, Medicaid and Medicare cards.

- Notify the postal service of the change of address. This can be done for a small fee online or for free by filling out a change of address form from your Local post office or mail carrier. You can also call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

- Apply for food stamps and/or food delivery, such as Meals on Wheels.

- Remind your nursing home that they should give you enough medication for 30Days when you move out. Make sure you also have all your prescriptions as a backup plan.

- Locate a primary care doctor and set up your medications so they are delivered to your door.

Post Transition Tips:

  • Get out into the community as much as possible. Stay active in the community and do activities that make you happy.

  • Be social. Keep in touch with loved ones and friends in person, on the phone, or by computer.

  • Watch your budget. Make your dollars stretch and keep an eye on what you can/ cannot afford.

  • Train your personal care staff and self- direct your care needs.

  • Locate or create a support group.

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